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This is my first blog I have ever done.  I have been part of Team for around three years.  I have learned so many great leadership skills in the process. I have been learning about 8 areas of your L.I.F.E., Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, Finance, Fun, Freedom, Following. The founders of TEAM Orrin & Laurie Woodward and Chris & Terri Brady have paved the way for all of us to succeed in this industry.

My husband Bob and I have been touched in so many of the 8 areas of our lives.  I can say that we would definitely not be were we are today if it was not for the TEAM.  We have learned so many life principles in the last few years that have shown us that this world can become the world it used to be.  We don’t need to live our lives paycheck to paycheck.

We as a couple have grown so much in the Faith piece that we have a renewed relationship with our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. We are in a journey and will always be improving on this. We have read so many great books and listened to cd’s from our AGO series (All Grace Outreach).

Finances: Wow where do I start on this one? Growing up my parents always told me that when you get a credit card you pay off the balance every month. I had a credit card since I was 17 years old. I learned really good information on this while growing up that I did not have more than $2,000 in debt until I turned 19 years old. As I meet Bob and we got married we weren’t as good at keeping our debt down. We did not pay off the balance every month and got into a lot of debt.  With the principles we learned in the business we are working on becoming debt free.  We would love to be debt free by mid 2012 or at least the end of 2012 and we have a plan for this to happen.  We for sure would not be in that spot if it was not for the Finance pack of cd’s and a book.

We have learned so much in all the areas that I would be here for a few hours. I am going to just leave it at that and write later on about the other areas and go into depth later on about all the different categories of our life.

If you have ever thought to yourself  “There has to be another way”, or “Is Life really this way paycheck to paycheck”?   NO! there is a better life and it starts with TEAM. Also the launch of L.I.F.E. on 11-1-11.

God Bless ~Kayla


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